Resources and people you can trust.

Looking for a service or product we don't offer?  Use us as a referral resource for nearly everything you need inside or outside your home!  We work in the field every day and we cross paths with a lot of other service providers.  We know the good from the bad and can connect you with a high quality, trustworthy company who will treat you with the same care as ours.  We have no official affiliation with these companies and we do not get paid for these referrals, we just want you to get the best service possible.  These are people that we would trust in our own home and are confident that they'll provide you with the best service possible.

Some of the services we can provide through our network are: carpet cleaning, restoration services, furnace installation, furnace cleaning, green cleaning products, window washing, appliance repair, home remodeling, custom cabinetry, roofing and siding, landscaping, painting, and many more...

* This is a new website and we are still in the process of gathering the appropriate information to put on this page.  Feel free to contact us at 612-219-9297 to request a referral.